Chris Kummer

Lead Investigator
Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I have always had an extreme passion and the utmost respect for the paranormal.  My journey with the paranormal started with first being open minded to the idea that this physical plane that we live in, isn’t all that there is.  

Throughout world history it has been undeniable of the accounts and beliefs of the paranormal’s existence.  Paranormal, being a very summarized word to represent a whole spectrum of different entity types, legends and energies.  

There is a lot that we still don’t understand.  It will forever be an ongoing study and adventure.  The idea, is to always keep that balance of an open mind; along with an amount of skepticism and scientific explanation.

As an investigator.  The goal is to provide proof of paranormal claims, doing so with integrity and respect.  I will always look forward to working with people who share the like minded passion, excitement and the strive to find answers.