We have adapted a code of conduct in which all team members follow and expectations of for team members and clients.

All interviews and investigations are done free of charge.

The safety of the client and the safety of the team members are of the utmost importance.

THINGS will not condone the destruction of property, personal or public, during any investigation.

Tresspassing is also strictly prohibited. When investigating public property, local police will be alerted and informed of our intentions.

No team member will be littering in any location we investigate.

All team members will honor all obligations and committments to the best of their ability.

Any and all investigations done by any member of the team will be done under the THINGS name.

All contact between the team and the client will be done through one team member.

When a new case is brought in, whichever team member the case is brought to, that person becomes the contact person between the group and the client. No other team member may contact the client unless the original contact person is unable to.

During interviews, key members will be present to conduct an interview with a questionnaire with the client and will be asked if a tour of the property can be given so that the team members can get a good idea of what is happening where and to give the members an idea of how to set up for an investigation.

Also during the interview, the client will be asked if they are ok with equipment being brought in, such as cameras and audio recorders. Client will also be asked to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement form.

The client will be made aware the duration and nature of the investigation, the number and training of investigators who will be present, the nature of data to be collected, and all other considerations that might reasonably be expected to influence the client’s decision to proceed with the investigation.

During interviews and investigations, members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner.  This includes professionalism to home and business owners at all times.

During an interview and an investigation, members will respect the property of the client.  It is each individual’s responsibility to replace or repair any item they damage on an investigation.

Team members will be expected to treat each other professionally with respect even during a moment of conflict, otherwise both may be dismissed from the interview or investigation.

Clients will be expected to treat THINGS team members with respect at all times, otherwise the interview or investigation will be concluded immediately. Anything that has been schedule will be cancelled as well.

THINGS will treat other paranormal investigators and other paranormal group with respect. After all,

No team member shall contact any media source concerning an investigation, client information, event or group information unless it is approved by the founding members of the group and all involved members.  This is done to protect the rights, privacy and reputation of THINGS and its clients.

Under no circumstance is a Ouiji board to be brought in on a case.

No perfumes, colognes or other fragrances should be worn during an investigation, as this can interfere with other investigators’ senses.

During an investigation, there will be no smoking allowed inside the home or place of business, even if the client smokes inside their home. If team members and clients must smoke, a designated area will be decided upon before an investigstion is underway.

During an investigation, there will be no alcohol comsumption of any kind.

During an investigation, there will be no drug use of any kind.

There will be no posting on social media of any kind about an upcoming case nor will team members reveal to anyone outside the group where an upcoming case may be.

The use of cell phones will be prohibited unless it is for recording audio or taking pictures. There will be no chatting, texting, posting, etc etc during an investigation unless it is to make an emergency phone call. No exceptions.

There will be no running away from an area. If something spooks a team member, team members should simply walk away from the area.

We will only bring investigators who are known to us into private homes. Every investigation is a training opportunity, but a private home won’t be their first experience.

Guests will only be allowed on open investigations such as cemeteries.
No children under the age of 16 years are permitted at investigations unless it is an open investigation such as at a cemetery.

THINGS tries to schedule investigations around our members' personal needs; however we may not be able to accommodate all investigations for each and every member.  Thus, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have proper childcare arrangements so you can attend investigations.

No one attending an investigation will work in a location, or move within the location, alone.  In cases where an investigator is to carry out a lone vigil, the area must be risk assessed, everyone must be informed of the investigators location and the investigator must be in possession of a radio.  It is recommended that the welfare of the investigator is checked at regular intervals, either by others in person or by radio.

No team member will ever fake paranormal activity, falsely claim to experience anything, or falsify any images, recordings or data, etc.

When revealing the evidence to a client, only scientific evidence will be used to determine if a home or business is haunted. But the team will share personal experiences with the client as well but such personal experiences will not be used as a basis in determining if a place is haunted or not. Although we have no wish to disappoint, should we feel that, at the time of the investigation, no paranormal activity has occurred, or we are able to debunk to our satisfaction any event, then the client will be informed accordingly.

If in the case of an outside paranormal investigator being brought in to help out with evidence, the location and client will not be revealed unless it is absolutely necessary.

THINGS will refrain from sharing conclusions with the client regarding the identity, nature, motivations, and potential danger of detected activity unless there is a strong evidential basis for such conclusions. In all instances, objective data must be clearly distinguished from interpretations of those data.

All team members attending an investigation must risk assess the location prior to the investigation taking place.  Any health and safety issues must be brought to the attention of the rest of the team and the client before the commencement of the investigation.

All evidence collected as a result of THINGS investigations becomes property of the group but will be shared with the client.

No evidence will appear on the internet without permission from the owner of the location.

No member will try to do anything from a remote location, such as blessing a house, from a distance. There is absolutely no evidence to support that it can be done. Everything is to be done on location, no exceptions.

Each team member will accurately represent the knowledge and experience of him or herself and all members of the investigation team at all times.

A log will be kept containing all cases, locations, names, and addresses. Such log will be kept by Jeremy York. An edited log will be posted on the website leaving out the address and names, only the town will be listed, nothing else. Plus any field reports turned in will be kept by Jeremy York and will never be posted online. If the client desires, a copy can be made.