Are you interested in the paranormal? Do you want to help people in need of answers so they are not afraid of their homes anymore? Perhaps you are looking for your own answers of what could be beyond death. THINGS (The Hoosiers Investigating New Ghosts Society) is looking to expand and would love to talk to you if you are interested in this field. Please review the information below.  While lengthy, the content will help you determine if THINGS would be a good fit for you personally.

I founded THINGS in 2009 with the goal of helping families and searching for answers of what could be beyond death. This field is not scientifically proven but it is ever-changing with new experiences and theories coming out. We're a healthy blend of skeptic and believer and we're a good team because of it. We need people who look for logical answers and accept that sometimes there might not be one.

The purpose of THINGS is to provide investigative services to the public in regards to paranormal activity that is reported by our clients. The group also seeks out locations to investigate in attempt to conduct paranormal research. THINGS also seeks to further the field of the paranormal through investigations, education, and outreach programs. All work with this society is volunteer and offers no pay or compensation. Members are expected to conduct research, investigations, and other group activities according to the rules and policies of the group. Membership with THINGS is discretionary, and all members agree to and continue to meet standards of the society as set forth in the Society rules, regulations and policies. Paranormal research and investigations are not for the faint of heart. You will be exposed to no light and/or low light conditions. You may also be exposed to the elements such as rain, snow, cold, heat, and so forth. Sometimes the locations we investigate are far from glamorous. Some locations are can be considered run down, have bugs, etc. You may conduct long hours of tedious field research which would involve standing and walking for long periods of time.

As a volunteer organization THINGS seeks out only those people with the highest level of commitment to the field of paranormal investigation and research. Members must be able to commit time and effort not only for investigations but also for evidence review after the investigation. Each member is held to a very high standard of personal conduct as a representative of THINGS.
Investigation can be very exciting but they can also be incredibly boring. It all depends on how you look at it. We spend a good bulk of our time, sitting in dark buildings, quietly waiting while our equipment records various forms of data. Often, this is without gaining any anomalous data at all. So, while the thrill of investigating is at least a partial motivation for everyone in the field, please understand that the thrill often comes from being able to bring relief to a frightened client, or in the form of an anomalous event occurring on an occasional basis.

Sometimes investigations will require a large contribution of your day and time. Depending on the location, it can be as early as 2 or 3pm and can last up to late the next morning. Some locations may require more than a single night to investigate. Reviewing evidence is another thing that will consume your time. For each hour of video or audio that was recorded at an investigation, you will need to spend that amount of time reviewing. If you have three cameras up and running and we are investigating for six hours, you have eighteen hours of video you need to review. Same goes for audio. When reviewing, you will need to be free of distractions and that can prove to be difficult if you have an otherwise busy and active life. This is something you need to strongly consider and you will also need to discuss this with your family before joining this group. Further, the review of your material will need to be thorough and complete. We have clients who are often fearful, and who are eager to hear complete results of our investigation. We are not serving clients well if we are not giving them our complete effort.

Investigating can be expensive. Members of THINGS do not get paid for investigating or reviewing. It is strictly on a volunteer basis. However, there can be some expenses, such as equipment. It is not a requirement that you have equipment while a part of the group, YOU are the best equipment, your eyes, your ears. But it does help to have some equipment and it doesn't necessarily have to be high tech equipment either. A simple camera and audio recorder would be good enough. If nothing else, flashlights are a must. 99% of our investigations will be done in the dark. It will always help to have some equipment in your arsenal to have a productive investigation. So, please consider these costs, as well as the cost of gas and meals while on investigations, maybe even hotels if necessary. Another expense could come in the form of going to a public location, such as Waverly Hills Sanatorium which currently costs $100 a person. Events like this will always be optional whereas private residences and such will be encouraged but not mandatory. In many cases, we will only be able to have just a handful of people depending on the size of the location so not everybody is going to be able to do every case.

In the event of investigating a residential location, it is essential that we maintain a positive and professional attitude at all times. It is important that we gain the trust of our clients as in some cases, they will be afraid of whatever may be going on in their homes and have called on us to come and figure out what the problem really is. I do encourage you to have fun on these investigations but we must remember that maturity is a must and we are there to help out a client in need. Sometimes, it is very brave on their part just to reach out to us. Compassion is also something that clients will appreciate.

THINGS is scientific based group. This means that we go into a location looking to disprove a haunting. The reason being is because a lot of times a client may be hearing knocking because of bad plumbing pipes, they might be getting general creepy feelings because of bad wiring in the walls, and so forth. However, if we can eliminate all practical explanations, plus provide proof through either a video file or an audio file, we can determine that yes a house is haunted. But we want to be able to tell the client that there really is no intruder in their home and that there truly is nothing to be afraid of. This does not mean however that we will not have individuals who have sensitive feelings towards the paranormal in the group.

I am looking for people with a range of knowledge and skill. It is always helpful to have people who who skilled with computer and know how to use electronics and technology. I am also looking for people who are varying in beliefs, whether you are a 100% skeptic or 100% believer in the paranormal, it doesn't matter. As long as you have an open mind about the field and not mock it or shine a bad light on it, I am looking for you. It doesn't matter what your religious background is but I do know I would like to have at least one person with a strong Catholic background and is well versed in the bible in case we investigate a house that might need cleansing. If you are skilled in science, psychology, theology, I am also looking for you. If you have a vast knowledge of the paranormal, I am most definitely looking for you. Our work is 50% investigations, 50% administration. Being a 100% volunteer group, THINGS relies on its volunteers for everything. We need investigators who can turn around and lend a hand in other ways. Don't discount your experience in administration, office skills, public speaking, computers, audio/visual, means more to us than you know.
While I don't put a lot of stock in mediums because there are a lot of fake ones out there, or claim that you are able to in some way communicate with the other side, I won't turn you away either. But findings in this area won't necessarily be used in the evidence presentation for the client. Wiccans are welcome and so are those who are versed in reiki. However, I will not tolerate those who try to manipulate evidence. Those who are found doing so will be dismissed from the group.

In revealing evidence to a client, I will not present videos or photos or orbs at all except in extremely rare circumstances. 99.99% of all orbs can be debunks as dust, mist, bugs, etc, etc.

Any and all audio recordings, video, pictures, or any other evidence obtained (before, during, or after an investigation) are the intellectual property of the person who made these recordings and to a lesser extent, THINGS. The use of such evidence by anyone other than the person who gathered it, must get permission from them.

I require you to be least 18 years of age, that you are completely 100% drug free unless it's a medical prescription, and no sex offenders will be allowed. If I find out that you are using drugs, you will be dismissed immediately, the same goes for sex offenders. We must be seen as a credible group by our clients and peers.

I will also ask that you be free of mental illnesses. While I understand that it will be seen as discriminatory by some, please understand that it is for the protection of the client and for the members of the group. If something disturbing, upsetting or dangerous happens on an investigation, this can be a catalyst that dramatically affects an otherwise well-managed mental illness. If you fall into this category, and want to be involved with our team, please contact me personally so I can see if we have a non-investigative opening that might be more suitable.

If you are looking to go to old abandoned houses, or cemeteries to find ghost or demons every weekend, WE'RE NOT FOR YOU!! We are not an outlet for people to investigate the paranormal to experience the thrill of a “ghost hunt!” There are others ways of experiencing investigating the paranormal for the thrill without wasting our time. If you are truly interested in learning the ways to investigate the paranormal with a professional team, at the same time gaining a large group of friends, feel free to apply. If you are looking to experience the thrill of a “ghost hunt” send us an email and we will see if we can’t find a way for this to happen for you. We also do not allow non-members to accompany us during a residence or business investigation. However, non-members are welcome to join us in open investigations such as cemetery investigations which are basically used as training grounds for those who interested in joining or for those who have recently joined but do not have enough experience for a residential case.

Grounds for termination from THINGS include but are not limited to: violation of client privacy, unprofessional conduct, disrespect of clients, fellow team members, members of a another team or the co-founders, drinking during an investigation, using drugs at any time, and faking evidence. I will not tolerate the faking of or tampering with any evidence. Any member caught faking evidence will be released immediately. Your information will be sent to other paranormal groups in the area, should you attempt to join them. If you fake evidence, you have no business in the paranormal research field. I will also tolerate no drama within the group. Yes, there will be disagreements and arguments, they are sometimes unavoidable and they are to be settled in conversation in a respectful fashion and quickly because we have a client we must take care of.

My goal for this group is to have monthly meetings so that we can discuss goals as a group, places we would like to go to, and things of that nature. This would also give us all a chance to get to know each other and become more than just a group, but a close knit family. The better we know each other, the better of our chances for succeeding. Our meetings can be held anywhere, restaurants, any of our homes, anywhere.

I would like to have a profile and picture of each member of the group on the website. If you don't want your picture online, then an avatar can be used in place.

So after reading all of that, if you still want to join this group, fill out the form and someone from this group will be getting a hold of you as soon as we are able to.