What is the THINGS Network?
The THINGS Network was created to network paranormal investigation teams across the United States and all around the world together. This is being done so that home owners, business owners, and whoever else may be experiencing a paranormal situation can be served better in case THINGS is unable to get to a case because of distance or timing.

THINGS is about people coming together for one cause to help provide proof of paranormal activity or to give a reasonable answer to our clients to help them feel safe. We here at THINGS look forward to helping you with any concerns you have concerning the paranormal field.

We are open to team affiliation. But this will require honest and open dialogue. Understand that team affiliation and membership are two different categories, but the criteria list will be the same for both. Contact us if this is something your team would like to consider.

The THINGS Network is going to be a very broad network of paranormal investigative teams. To qualify for entry into the THINGS Network, you must meet the following minimum requirements; however, please be advised that meeting these requirements alone does not guarantee entry into the Network. As part of the application process, we consider a number of other aspects of your team's operation before coming to a decision regarding your status.

Our goal is to create a countrywide network of extraordinary paranormal investigators. If you have questions regarding the Network, please contact the THINGS founder, Jeremy York. If you would like to apply for membership, please see our requirements below.

Minimum Requirements:
1. Your team must be in this field with the intention of helping people and trying figure out what is really going on in their homes or businesses and not in it for the thrill of finding a ghost.
2. Your team must provide all investigative services at no cost to the client. This includes charges for fuel, supplies, materials, equipment or lodging related to conducting an investigation for a client. You may accept freely-given donations, and may participate and engage in fund raising that supports the operation of your team, or special projects in which your team is involved.
3. All members of your team must be at least twenty one years of age and all members must have a clean criminal record.
4. Your team must have some kind web based presence. It can be an actual website, it can be on Facebook, it can anywhere, but there must be a way to find your team and contact you for help. A website is preferred and highly encouraged.
5. Your team is active with your web based presence. If you have a Facebook page, make regular posts to show potential clients that are still active so that they don't wonder if the group is still together or not?

If your team has a website, these are the things we will be looking for:
1. Pictures and profiles of everybody on your team. Transparency is key and it helps make a client feel a little more comfortable about contacting you for help.
2. Your website should be easy to navigate through. Shouldn't have to go deep within it's pages for a phone number or an email address for a client to contact you for help.
3. A statement from the team reassuring the client that you are here to help and won't be negative towards what they believe is happening in their homes.

What we are not looking for in a website:
1. No scary pictures, no scary music. The client is already in fearful state and seeing and hearing scary things will not make them feel any better.
2. No solicitation for donations or money period. If you are in this field for money, you have no business being in it in the first place. This is just taking advantage of someone who is looking for ways to stop being scared inside their own home.
3. Broken links or empty pages. This is unprofessional, shows lack of organization, and the client will perceive this as you are not as serious as you claim to be.

For those who do not know this, THINGS stands for The Hoosiers Investigating New Ghosts Society and is based in New Haven, Indiana.

The THINGS Network is set to be a collaboration of groups that have proven their dedication, determination, and professionalism in dealing with clients who feel they may have a problem concerning the paranormal. There are no fees to become a member of the THINGS Network. The purpose for the Network is so that if a team is contacted about a possible case but it is too far from their normal coverage, they can refer the client to a team who is much closer to the client. The Network is designed to better serve our clients. If someone from THINGS personally sends your team an invitation to join the Network, that means someone within the group sees a lot of potential for your team and really wants you to be part of the Network. The Network is open to teams all across the world, not just in the United States.

THINGS Network Team Application

Please answer the following by copying and pasting the questions in the message form. Everything needs to to be completely filled out in order to be accepted.

  1. Team Name:
  2. Date Team Founded:
  3. Primary City of Coverage:
  4. Team Coverage Area:
  5. Team Phone Number:
  6. Team Email Address:
  7. Team Website Address:
  8. Team Facebook Address:
  9. Founders Name:
10. Tell us about your team:

11. What is you team looking to get out of this field?
12. What is your team looking to get out of being a part of the Network?
13. How did you hear about us?
14. Did you review the THINGS Network Membership requirements?
15. Do you understand and agree to those requirements?

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